Access statement

Access Statement

Access Statement

Access to the cottage from the public road

The car parking area is on the opposite side of the B4068 to the cottage. This surface comprises flint shingle and can be slippy when wet. Between the flint shingle surface and the carriageway is a gently sloping piece of tarmac, 1m wide, edged with granite sets kerb edges.

The B4068 is not a major road but can be busy on weekdays when commuters are travelling to and then from work. In the middle of the weekdays, and at weekends, the amount of traffic is much less and, overnight, is minimal. Nevertheless care should be taken when crossing the carriageway.

The carriageway (B4068) is standard Highways Agency tarmacaddam and abuts granite kerb edges and a tarmac pavement outside the cottage front door. Access to the front door is across the pavement with a shallow 12 cm front door step. The door threshold is 4cm height. Door opening is 90cm wide x 195cm height.

The cottage

• The front door leads into the lounge with 200-year old flag stone floor which is mostly level and even. There is a rug in the centre of the room. Height to lowest beam is 208 cm.

• The kitchen door leads off the lounge. It is 72cm wide x 189cm height. The kitchen floor is flat terracotta tiles, with one minor chipped tile in the centre. Height to lowest beam is 188cm.

• The glass cellar door is locked.

• Access to dining room (no door) is 90cm wide x187cm height. Modern flagstone floor, mostly flat.

• Access to garden is 57cm wide x 194cm height (single door), or opening both doors 118cm wide x 194cm height.

• Access from the lounge to the stairs 70cm wide x 162cm height.

• The stairs to the first floor turn through 90 degrees and have a handrail on the right whilst ascending, which is on average 100cm above the stair treads. The bottom two steps are wood surface and 20cm and 17cm in height respectively. The remaining 7 steps are carpeted and 20cm height each.

• The landing is carpeted. With a handrail 93 cm above the carpet.

• Turning left on the landing, one step 20cm height leads to the flat surface of the bathroom and back bedroom.

• The door to the bathroom is 59cm wide x 195cm height. The bathroom flooring is modern floor tiles and flat / even. The height of the bath rim to floor is 62cm and the floor to washbasin height is 88cm. Toilet height from floor to lid is 46cm. Shower step is 20cm from floor.